Jason-3 mini website competition

As part of its mission to promote space-related activities, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (French Space Agency, hereinafter referred to as “CNES”), wishes, on the occasion of the presentation of the first results from the Jason-3 oceanographic satellite, to allow three (3) classes that have, as part of the competition, designed the best mini websites dedicated to Jason-3, to win a weather station and to have their mini website promoted by CNES on its sites and social networks.
CNES, a public scientific and technical institution of an industrial and commercial nature whose Head Office is at 2, place Maurice Quentin, 75039 Paris Cedex 01, is organising, between 15 November 2016 and 1st February 2017 midnight, a free competition with no obligation to purchase entitled “Jason-3 mini website competition” (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”).
The class that has designed the best website in each of the competition categories – primary school, secondary school and sixth form college – will be selected by a jury as competition winner and will receive the endowment described in Article 5 below.

Participation in the competition implies the full and complete acceptance of these regulations and their possible updates. These regulations are available and downloadable from the following web address: Participation in the Competition is open to classes in educational establishments at the following levels: primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges that can provide evidence of having a postal address in France and educational establishments abroad (hereinafter referred to as the “participants”).
An educational establishment may enter several classes. However, a participant (i.e. a class) is only authorised to enrol and participate once in the competition and in only one category.
The following are not authorised to take part in the competition: participants who do not meet the conditions stated above, employees of the Bailiff’s Office referred to in Article 14 and anyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to the development of the competition or its operation, including members of the selection jury.

To participate in the Competition, each participant:
1. must have designed, for the internet, a mini website dedicated to the Jason-3 satellite and that meets the competition criteria
2. must have entered before 28th April 2017 by filling in the registration form available at the following address:

For participation to be registered and validated, it must comply with the following conditions:
• All the mandatory fields of the registration form must be completed (name of the establishment, level of the establishment, level of the class, name of the referring teacher with whom participation in the competition is organised, postal address of the establishment, class email address);
All incomplete registration forms shall be considered invalid and not registered.
Registration of participation (registration form) is made in compliance with the provisions of Article 12 and in compliance with applicable French law.
Any incomplete or inaccurate entry shall prevent its inclusion in the competition and it is invalidated.
Only one registration form and only one mini website per participant shall be accepted.
The same mini website may not be presented on behalf of multiple participants. Accordingly, when a mini website is designed by several classes, the mini website may only be presented by and for the benefit of one participant only.

A jury, composed of members of CNES, scientists and teachers, shall study the registered and validated entries and shall select a winner in each of the three categories (hereinafter referred to as the “Winner”), and a runner-up in case the former is for whatever reason unable to take advantage of the prize.
Selection of the Winner in each category shall be made by the jury of experts referred to above on the basis of the following objective criteria (none of these criteria is exclusive):
• promotion of the space theme and in particular of the Jason-3 satellite
• editorial quality (narration, quality of outreach, for example) aesthetic quality and creativity/originality of the mini website.

Participants will be informed of the results via their publication on the CNES website
The Winner and the runner-up in each of the three categories shall also be informed by email at the address provided by them on their registration form.
The Winner shall have a period of seven (7) calendar days to come forward and confirm their email and postal contact details as provided in the registration form, either directly to CNES at the following address [] or by letter to the following address:

For the attention of Madame Danielle de Staerke – DCO/ EJ
CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales)
18, avenue Edouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 9
Failing this, the selected runner-up shall be designated in their place and shall come forward and confirm their contact details under the same conditions.
CNES cannot in any circumstances be held liable in the event of error or the non-transmission of a communication notifying a win by email or by post.
The Jury may decide not to award a particular prize if it considers that the quality of the mini websites received is not sufficient to merit it.
No complaint may be made concerning the decisions of the Jury, which shall rule independently with no possibility of appeal.
CNES reserves the right to carry out any checks necessary in relation to the information provided by the Winner and to request that any supporting documentation be sent to them for this purpose.

Each of the three Winners so designated shall be allocated the competition prize, which breaks down as follows:
• a weather station with a total estimated value of four hundred (400) euros, which is the public retail price.
This value represents the prices charged or estimated on the date these regulations were written. They are given as an indication and are subject to change.
The following costs shall not be borne:
• installation of the station and
• the potential maintenance of this installation.
• The hosting of the mini website, and its dissemination to the general public by CNES on the Internet, during the period that the latter wishes to communicate on the subject of the Jason-3 satellite.

The participants commit to complying with the applicable French law and in particular with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code relating to copyright.
The participants guarantee that the Internet site that they offer in the context of their participation is, both with respect to its design and its editorial content, original, free from any right of a third party, and does not incorporate any non-authorised reproduction, even partial, of another work. Any use of a pre-existing work belonging to a third party must have been previously authorised by all eligible parties.

Simply by participating in the competition, the participants guarantee CNES against any possible third-party claim regarding intellectual property.
CNES reserves the right at any time to rule as invalid any entry that constitutes an infringement of the rights of a third party, of any nature whatsoever.
At all events, CNES shall not in any circumstances be held liable for any failure by the participant to observe any one of the provisions mentioned above.
Once the prize has been awarded, the participant shall give CNES a free and exclusive right to use the website and its editorial content, including the rights to adapt, modify, correct, archive, represent and reproduce in any form whatsoever for its internal and external communication needs.

CNES commits, for the period it considers suitable, to publishing the mini website designed by the Winner in each category on the internet. It also reserves the right to archive data of any kind derived from the mini websites of the Winners.
It commits to assuming responsibility for hosting these mini websites, effective from the acceptance of the prizes by the Winners.
Effective from this hosting, it moreover assumes responsibility for the editorial content published on the sites, under the conditions described in Article 6 above.
Moreover it commits to mentioning the name of the authors when publishing these mini websites.

CNES cannot be held liable if, as a result of force majeure or any other cause outside its control, the operation came to be cancelled or postponed.
CNES reserves the right, if circumstances outside of its control require or for any reason that makes running this competition impossible, to cancel this competition and not to substitute the prize offered with another prize, without incurring any liability as a result. If it be so, the Winner may not claim any recompense or financial compensation whatsoever.
In all cases CNES shall make all reasonable efforts to extend the period of participation and to reschedule any date and/or time it has advertised.
CNES shall not be held liable for risks inherent in any connection to the website, particularly in the event of damage, direct or indirect, resulting from an interruption or malfunction, of any nature whatsoever.
CNES shall not be held liable in the event of non-distribution of prizes through the post, nor more generally for any difficulty that may occur in the context of a postal delivery in connection with the competition.
Moreover, CNES shall not be held liable for any damage or loss that may occur when the Winners are making use of their prize.

Any change to the terms and conditions of this competition, its suspension or cancellation shall be communicated to the participants using the same means as those used for its promotion on the website
Any change to these Regulations shall be effective from the time of their release online.

Participation in the Competition implies the full and complete acceptance of these regulations in their entirety. Any inaccurate or false declaration or any fraud will lead to the disqualification of the participant. It shall be particularly considered as a fraud if a participant registers under the name of another class, each participant being required to register under their own unique name and to participate once only.
CNES shall not incur any liability of any kind whatsoever in relation to participants as a result of possible frauds that may be committed.

The Winners, or their runner-up, authorise CNES to publish, free of charge, photos and/or videos representing them.
CNES may use the photo and/or the video of each Winner as part of its internal and/or external communications operations, including as part of the promotion of the competition, on any media of their choice (including the internet, multimedia systems), materials and means (including…), existing or future, particularly the CNES institutional website, as well as the name and the representation of the Winner (including photographs, videos, statements, etc.) without any expectation of financial compensation in this respect.

The personal information collected by CNES in the context of this competition shall be handled in accordance with the Law on Information Technology and Freedom of 6 January 1978, modified by the Law of 6 August 2004.
All participants have the right to access, correct or remove personal information concerning them, as well as the right to object to its transfer, which they can exercise via a letter to the following address:
For the attention of Madame Danielle de Staerke – DCO/ EJ
CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales)
18, avenue Edouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 9

Participation in this competition is free.
Only the surcharges incurred by participants with respect to postage costs, communication costs and internet connection charges in registering their entry shall be reimbursable on request to the Communications Department mentioned in Article 4 of these Regulations.
Conversely, the potential costs incurred by the participants with respect to their internet connection, any postal costs or any other costs whatsoever, apart from those set out above, shall not be reimbursed, taking into account the provisions of Article 45 of the Law No. 2011-525 of 17 May 2011, which modified some provisions of the Consumer Code.
Moreover, any form of reimbursement may only, by definition, apply if there has been a real outlay on the part of the participant, subject to prosecution for fraud. Any access to the site carried out on a free and flat-rate basis shall not result in any reimbursement insofar as the subscription to the service provider is contracted by the internet user for his/her use of the internet in general and connecting to the website to participate in the competition does not give rise to any additional costs.
Any request for reimbursement shall only be taken into account if it comes from the participant. CNES reserves the right to carry out any checks that they may consider necessary, to request any documentary proof of expenditure and to initiate, as necessary, any proceedings in case of fraud.

These regulations are filed with the SCP (Professional Civil Partnership) Raynald PARKER and Raphaël PERROT, Huissiers de Justice associés, (Bailiffs of the Court), 7 avenue de la Grande Armée, 75116 PARIS. The Regulations of the competition are available for consultation and printing in their entirety exclusively on the website
They can be also be sent free of charge to anyone who requests them from CNES, at the following address:

For the attention of Danielle de Staerke DCO/ EJ
CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
18, avenue Edouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 9

In accordance with the Article 9 mentioned above, any change to the regulations shall result in their being filed again.
Any question relating to the application or interpretation of these Regulations may be put to CNES by mail solely on the site, “Contact” section and will receive a reply. No request made orally will receive a reply. No challenge shall be admitted beyond the period of 30 working days after the closure of the competition.

These Regulations are governed and interpreted exclusively in accordance with French law.
Any potential disputes which may occur regarding the execution or interpretation of these Regulations shall be subject to the competent courts.